Executive Team

Baone Ramaselesele

Founder and Member

Corne Herbst

Industry Expert

 Our People

Irrespective of which rung of the ladder we may find ourselves, our people are at the heart of our business, they are our biggest asset.

We retain the expertise of a professional team of legal and business specialists, with vast experience gained in the industry.

Our team of highly trained technicians carry out Heat Treatment operations. A rigorous in-house training program ensures that our technicians are equipped with skill, ability, and experience. Dedication and “pride of trade” are second nature to our team, as the industry demands nothing less.

Continually arming our team with “industry specific” knowledge so they are always up-to-date with technological advancements.

Our courses are constantly rejuvenated, and training continuously assessed to certify the highest achievement, thereby ensuring advancement of productivity level for our clients.

Once Training can be provided in our country this will be the aim for this as well.