Masedi Heat Treatment is a Locally Registered Heat Treatment and training provider. Accompanied by specialized subject matter experts that have vast knowledge on the Heat Treatment industry, we bring you, experience and expert technique.

Our Journey

Masedi Heat Treatment offers you Locally registered Heat Treatment services and Training, accompanied by Industry Experts with vast experience and “know how” in the Heat Treatment industry, attained after working in the Heat Treatment industry over all fields including Coal fired Power Stations, Production Workshops And the Mining industry.

Masedi was established after identifying the need for Localised Heat Treatment providers in Botswana – as we know, Botswana is currently depending on foreign countries to perform these services when required.

Masedi also registered as a training provider in South Africa, and is currently in the registration process at the Merseta Governing body to accredit Heat Treatment Training. After this we plan to communicate with the Governing Body in Botswana in order to align this training so that it will be recognized in our own Country. After this is completed we plan to teach our local Residents to perform Heat treatment and so a lot of job creation will result from this.

Our Industry Experts have been involved in the following projects

  • Steinmuller – Production Workshop, Hendrina Power Station
  • MHPSA – Medupi Power Station, Kusile Power Station
  • DB Thermal – Production Workshop, Electric Furnace PWHT
  • Doosan – Botswana Morupule A: Refurbishment Project
  • Murray & Roberts – Morupule B: Maintenance